Zipper is with you throughout your project

    A tailor-made design allows us to satisfy the most diverse needs.

    We always evaluate with the customer, through an inspection together with our specialized installers, the best type of intervention to perform.

    Subsequently, our technical department elaborates the preliminary layout obtaining an estimate of the materials and costs of construction and installation.

    Also for the platforms we can create ergonomic raised platforms customized on the needs and purposes of the customer.


    Zipper interlocking flooring example

    Our specialized operators take care of the flooring installation service.

    The application takes place, in agreement with the customer, ensuring the production and the normal production cycle of the company.

    The final phase involves the execution of the finishes, made with the utmost care and precision to ensure not only a fast result in line with the customer’s expectations but also aesthetically harmonious.


    Zipper offers you the possibility to insert customized safety sign solutions

    In line with the regulations, we offer customized signage solutions, inserted into the tiles using our BI-COLOR system.


    Zipper guarantees you continuous assistance, once the established project is finished

    We continue to take care of you once the flooring is finished.

    Based on the work performed, we provide the customer with indications for proper maintenance: the best products and the most suitable types of machines for cleaning.