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The vinyl interior floors that we offer to our customers are very resistant, practical and hygienic and can be installed in domestic environments, offices, shops, hotels, showrooms, laboratories, clinics, school buildings, and many other activities.

The choice of design is extraordinary: offering the possibility to range from bright colors and black and white to perfect reproductions of natural materials such as wood and stone.

An important feature concerns the comfort under foot traffic and a great variety of finishes to combine tactility and aesthetics. All these advantages, including integrated hearing protection, are contained in a single solution that can offer strength and durability for a realistic and unaltered appearance over time.


The Tarkett collections offer traffic resistance, ease of installation and low maintenance costs allowing you to choose from a wide range of beautiful and versatile models.

Starfloor floors
The best choice for personalizing any interior space.
Starfloor allows you a customized design of your own floor because it provides the possibility of combining a wide range of boards and plates, combining simplicity and creativity: boards and plates are available in boxes that are easy to carry and have a self-adhesive backing that allows for easy installation and intuitive.

Each floor is thus “made to measure” with a minimum waste of material.
Also, due to the fact that all boards and plates are highly resistant to stains and scratches, it requires minimal maintenance.
Starfloor is the ideal choice from an economic and ecological point of view.

Starfloor Click Ultimate
The ideal solution for quick and easy renovations in your home.

Starfloor Click Ultimate,
our new rigid LVT vinyl floor, offers an innovative integrated solution suitable for any type of environment. 15 elegant wood and stone effect designs give immediate warmth and a style suitable for any room in the house.
All the advantages of LVT vinyl floors, including integrated acoustic protection, are contained in a single solution that can offer strength and durability for a realistic and unaltered appearance over time.

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ID Inspiration Click flooring

With iD Inspiration Click, installation times are optimized thanks to its click system from above!
Installation becomes 20% faster than laying with glue and 10% faster than other click interlocking systems.
The 22 references iD Inspiration Click are perfectly matched to the PVC skirting boards to guarantee a perfect finish to your environment. The Tarkomfort Pro mat helps to increase the acoustic insulation (13 dB), allows installation on more types of substrates and allows the extension of the complete system warranty to 10 years for commercial use.
In addition to this, a full range of dedicated accessories is available.

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Ultimate Click ID
Renovating becomes even easier, faster and more enjoyable with iD Click Ultimate. The new collection of rigid LVT floors with its innovative RCC (Rigid Composite Core) structure offers high dimensional stability, especially in areas with heavy traffic. Quick and easy to install, iD Click Ultimate is ideal for minimizing downtime needed to renovate and, thanks to EIR register embossing, it manages to replicate the natural essences of wood and stone for an extremely realistic look.

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Starfloor Click Ultimate