We create various types of platforms and innovative solutions for the safety of workers with attention to ergonomics, the risk of slipping in the work areas to prevent injuries or damage.

Our platforms can be installed in front of work benches, industrial machines, machine tools, fixed or mobile assembly areas and in any area where operators are stationed, significantly improving their working conditions.

Their extreme rapidity of installation and modularity guarantee the possibility of modulating them in shape and size.

The quality of the materials used in manufacturing make them a very solid, robust and long-lasting product, even in the presence of chemical agents, greases, oils and other liquids.

Our platforms are divided into various categories based on use, the type of prevention they must ensure and the different characteristics of the work environment.

These are some examples:

Ergonomic modular anti-slip mats for dry / wet area.
-Anti-slip mas for wet area
– Ergonomica mats for dry area.
-Mats floor area .
-Ergonomic condutive mat
-Ergonomic mat welding area

The main features of the platforms proposed by Zipper are:

Ease of installation and removal

Excellent cleaning being perfectly washable

Modularity based on the measures

Various anti-slip systems

Operator comfort and ergonomics increase

They protect objects that fall accidentally.

They identify the different work areas

They help relieve back tension

They isolate from the cold of the pavement

Tell us about your needs and we will propose the most suitable sustainable solution!